SEO Marketing Auditwith 1 year Strategy


We offer a full manual site audit on your marketing & SEO efforts. A detailed step by step one year strategy and a client only learning center. All to help your business gain more customers, increase revenue and brand exposure while skyrocketing your site to the top of the search results.


What's Included

A fully manual, non-automated Marketing & SEO Audit; A detailed unique 1 year strategy tailored to your business to help archive higher search rankings, site traffic, revenue, brand exposure and more; A blown-up day-to-day calendar infographic that shows an overview of what needs to be accomplished daily to stay on track; Access to our learning center to teach and aid you with your Marketing & SEO efforts; A Q&A section that allows members to post questions and answer them along with our staff members. Click on the items below to read more.

Overview of the Marketing & SEO Audit

Here is an overview of everything you get when you purchase our Marketing & SEO Audit


SEO & Marketing Audit

In Depth: A 25+ page audit, covering a variety of topics where we analyze your current status for each and give detailed steps to fix the issues.
Manual: The Audit is all done manually, no automation except for additional supporting documents.
Reference: Each topic will reference a link to its corresponding section in the one year strategy so you can read up on that particular topic and learn how to fix it.

One Year Strategy

Checklist: Everything that was covered in the Audit is made into a giant checklist for easy tracking.
Monthly Goals: The checklist is broken down monthly so you know exactly what needs to be completed each month.
Detailed Solutions: Each checklist has detailed information on what needs to be done and how to complete it along with references to the Leaning Center for additional information on the subject.
Info Graphic: This is a large, ready to blow up poster of a color coded one year spiral calendar that is made up of daily tasks. Completing these tasks will ensure you complete all the check listed items and stay on the correct path. This is a very handy tool as it can be hung up in the office and shows you at a quick glance what needs to be accomplished each day.

The Learning Center

Knowledge: 14 sections with over 70 different topics to learn from and more being added each week.
Question and Answer: Q&A section for members to ask questions about anything related to SEO and Internet Marketing. Other members can respond to one another and the staff may also pitch in.
Trello: Trello is used for our Learning Center roadmap and members can vote on which topics they would like to see next in the learning center and also give use ideas.
Lifetime Membership: Your membership to the Learning Center and Q&A is forever. No additional fees what so ever.

Lets Get Started!

One time fee, lifetime access.

  • Audit & Strategy
  • $3,500
  • (1) Website SEO/Marketing Audit
  • (1) One year Strategy & Calendar
  • Learning Center - Lifetime Access
  • Q&A Center - Lifetime Access
  • Get Started

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What Our Clients Say

  • A few days after I received our Audit and Marketing plan (which is phenomenal) I got a hard copy of all that plus a folded blown-up calendar poster along with a hand written card from the owner. The personalization these guys put into their work is amazing.
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